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Marcello Cortelletti, certified accountant and auditor, immediately and exclusively starts working in private practice. After gaining experience in various professional areas and having covered managing roles in various business entities and then working for 5 years as Councillor for Finance, Budget and Assets with the Municipality of Trento, Mr. Marcello Cortelletti decides to open his own firm in downtown Trento with address in Via delle Orne No. 14.

Being certain of the important role of the Trentino-South Tyrol region in acting as the natural hinge between Italy and Germany, the Firm has recently extended its professional activity to Italian-German fiscal and corporate issues.

This new sector of interest is being supervised by Francesco Cortelletti, certified accountant and auditor, who has gained study experience in Sweden at the prestigious Göteborg School of Economics and Commercial Law and has then resided and worked in the State of Bremen, Germany, as an intern with the Associate Auditing firm Hansaberatung GmbH to achieve his qualification as certified accountant and auditor. His knowledge of the German language (certified by his acquiring the ‘Bilingualism certificate C1 (former level A) – for graduates’ in Bolzano) also in the demanding technical area of taxes and trade, allows him to maintain his business and personal relationships with his German colleagues. His mastery of the English language, achieved while studying in Sweden, is also very useful in international affairs.

Studio Cortelletti believe and invest in advanced specialization of the professional figures they work with and place themselves at the centre of a network of professionals capable of meeting the requirements of the market while guaranteeing with its professional background the values it stands for – competence, correctness and reliability – that it has continued to base its success on since its foundation in 1971.